Shoot ‘Em Up…

I’ve watched a lot of films in my time but I’ve never seen a guy kill another guy with a carrot. Yes, the vegetable. Thankfully for me, and countless cinemagoers everywhere, Shoot ‘Em Up fixes that problem. Click on the picture to view its full glory.

Carrots and Blood

Shoot ‘Em Up… with Carrots (9/2007)

Clive Owen stars as yet another badass who finds himself protecting a baby from a gang of reckless gunman. And the plot just gets more ridiculous from there. I haven’t had this much fun in the theater since Crank (Neveldine/Taylor, 2006). If only that fourth McClane movie had the wherewithal to be so crafty, violent, and fun, like the others of that franchise were. Why didn’t Fox hire the filmmaker of this film, Michael Davis, to make that movie?

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