Vanessa Hudgens’ Red Curtain…

I am not such a fan of High School Musical; or any of its sequels. Rich-looking, clean cut white kids, dancing and singing their way through high school? I once had a dream like that that ended in machine gun fire.

So when news broke that one of the film’s precious stars took some nude photos, I had to laugh out loud (that’s “lol” to the AIM obsessed). Through the amazing wonder of Google, I found said image in a matter of seconds. I gave it a once over and to be honest, I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about. So some Disney Channel teen got naked in front of her boyfriend and took some pictures without thinking it’ll end up on the internet. That stuff happens all the time. At least it wasn’t a video of her taking one in the mouth while answering her cellphone. And is this the sort of girl that teen boys are crushing on? She really isn’t all that exciting to look at. In fact, the most amazing thing about this picture is not of the girl herself, but of a glorious red curtain in the background. Click the curtain to view its full glory…


Vanessa and the Red Curtain (9/2007)

Seeing the real picture brought a quote from Tony Scott’s The Last Boy Scout to mind. After Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) speaks with a detective, the detective says, “There’s a new invention out, it’s called the razor.” Hallenbeck is quick to reply, “Too risky. I might start thinking of you and slash my wrist.” I wonder if Vanessa knows of this invention.

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3 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens’ Red Curtain…”

  1. I think in the real picture she is holding her head or something, I can’t quite recall. Do yourself a google search and you’ll no doubt find the look I was going for in a matter of a google second (that’s really fast, in case you didn’t know).

  2. I have to say, when news first leaked about this picture, I remember hoping for so much more, just think, I wasted time looking forward to something ALL day just to see a girl who in my opinion has a horribly whiney voice,a face consisting only of cheek bone, a relatively blah body, and then runs down to her ungroomed bush. I take my naked celebrity photos seriously, so when this horse shit comes out, i get thoroughly outraged!! And the drapes are quite glorious…too bad it doesn’t match her carpet…

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