Kanye West’s “Graduation”

Despite his off album antics and quotes, I rather enjoy the sounds of Kanye West. Especially his last album, mostly produced by Jon Brion, which was full of orchestrated beats instead of the typical samples most rap albums are full of. That isn’t to say it didn’t have samples, but how often can you hear an Otis Redding tune with Brion’s insane score behind it? Just listen to the song Gone, from his album “Late Registration” (2005), and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Mr. West (9/2007)

Now his new album is out, “Graduation” (2007), and, well, it’s just another rather average hip-hop album. No exciting beats, no lyric worth quoting… it’s like he just wrote the album for his friends. The main highlight of the album is Everything I Am, where he once again discusses the state of hip-hop, and how he still isn’t awarded enough (just get over it dude).

There is even a mindless track on there called Drunk and Hot Girls. Lyrically, it sounds like a poem I once wrote in high school. It’s only track Jon Brion worked on (credited as “additional production”) and perhaps the worst track on the disc. Brion’s craft, even though he is credited, is nowhere to be found in your ear canal. But that doesn’t stop Rolling Stone from loving every minute of it. Dr. Dre needs to hurry up and make albums again.

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2 thoughts on “Kanye West’s “Graduation””

  1. Sadly Mr West said this is his best work to date. I think its alright. For those of us that actually realize that not all “rappers” are crappy and sometimes u have to use ur brain to understand the words are more than what they seem its disappointing – Kanye is known to have a conversation using metaphors that cause someone to think about what he just said – i havent heard all of the songs yet but so far – its pretty decent – just not as good as graduation or college dropout, but again i have only heard three or four songs

  2. good lawd. I love this picture…I can’t stop laughing. It looks nothing like him, but that doesn’t matter–

    there’s something strangely Georgia O’Keefe about that mauve background.

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