Armless Man Kills Guy With Lethal Head-Butt

Interesting story I came across by way of CNN this morning. A guy is being questioned for the death of his neighbor but the most interesting part is that the guy being questioned has no arms. Apparently the two got in a fight, where the armless man “head-butted” the dude, and he passed out dead. Who would have thought? You can read the complete story at WSB-TV Action News 2, Atlanta.


Head of Doom (9/2007)

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4 thoughts on “Armless Man Kills Guy With Lethal Head-Butt”

  1. According to Chanel 46 (our CBS station), the guy suffered a heart attack as a result of the head-butting. And all because of a woman.

    Gee. Why can’t it ever be about a car? or a pet cobra? mailbox? job promotion? (not counting positions related to government seats or law enforcement).

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