Face it already, ‘The Punisher’ sucks…

It’s no secret that I am not a big superhero fan. I hate them actually. Guys taking off their glasses only to confuse an entire city of who he really is (Superman), or a guy whining about if he should have sex with his beautiful neighbor while swinging around the city with spider webs (Spider-Man), or a whiny rich kid wearing a bullet-proof suit while climbing buildings with his wonderful toys (Batman). I never saw the appeal of any of that stuff. I just can’t connect with any of those characters, at all. Nor do I ever find myself feeling sorry for them.


Raining Bullets of Punishment (Michael Ferraro – 9/2007)

The Punisher is another one. Must all comic heroes cry and moan? So his family was killed by some drug guy. That stuff probably happens everyday. Going all Chuck Bronson on the suspects is pretty cool but there is still a great deal of, well, let’s look at the films for example. The first film adatation was is in 1989 and starred Dolph Lundgren and Louis Gossett Jr. The latter, of course, is the only reason anyone should watch this film.

The next adaptation came in 2004 and was just as putrid. This time it starred Thomas Jane, John Travolta, and they even somehow managed to wrangle Roy Scheider into a role. Now, in today’s time (2007), Cinematical reminds me of yet another adaptation in the works. As Bone Thugs once sang, “Can somebody, anybody, tell me why?”

Please just make it stop. The comic sucks, all the films have sucked, and this new one will surely disappoint.

Author: bronsonfive

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6 thoughts on “Face it already, ‘The Punisher’ sucks…”

  1. Sure, why not. Shows I am well-versed in things I guess. And it was supposed to add a little humor dude. You knew the reference, so you must be just as credible as me.

  2. Now i’m a big superhero fan who also happens to be a fan of the Punisher. However, you are totally right. The Punisher movie is a rehashing of the Crow movie series. Love the blog. Keep it up.

  3. Mike you suck you understand nothing about the punisher and you hate the movies because you have no taste so in conclusion you can suck balls mike

    1. What a stunning retort. I imagine you struggled with English Composition in community college. Also, this place is dead. What brought you to a dead site, only to talk about a character who had 3 shitty movies made about him and a semi-decent season of a Netflix show (though the latter half of the season is garbage)?

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