Danielle Harris, where art thou?

Yesterday’s entry got me thinking about something. I asked myself, “What other films do I constantly reference for no reason?” The answer is pretty simple: Tony Scott’s The Last Boy Scout (1991). Screenwriter Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon) has an amazing way to craft character and unforgettable lines of dialogue. TLB contains one of the most amazing portrayals of marriage I’ve ever seen.

And it could it be a coincidence that this film came out the same year as my other favorite movie, Terminator 2? I think not. If you’ve yet to see The Last Boy Scout, or think it’s just another mindless action flick, give it another shot. You’ll be surprised. Die Hard purists are sure to flame me for this one but I am here to say that The Last Boy Scout is Bruce Willis’ best movie. And yes, I also love me some Die Hard.

In this film, Willis plays Joe Hallenbeck, a down and out private investigator with a new case to solve. A young Danielle Harris, from Halloween 4 & 5, plays his angry daughter. Their relationship is priceless and she is yet another reason why this film is so perfect. Needless to say, all these years later, I am still intrigued by her screen presence (even though she just appeared in Rob Zombie’s shitty remake of John Carpenter’s Halloween but I would have taken that paycheck too).

Some news hit my years that Harris will be appearing in my town at some goofy convention called Screamfest, from October 19 – 21. You can bet your ass I am going to be there. Also, the cast of the best Friday the 13th (part 3) will be there too. What a show…


Stars with Danielle Harris (Michael Ferraro – 9/2007)


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