I can see your green underwear through that sheet you call a dress…

I love college. Let me rephrase that… I love learning stuff at college. The actual college life? Not so much for me. Fraternities and weird date-rape antics, not my style. I loathe the fall semester, as I have to walk around campus and see all the fraternity signs and the kids wearing shirts letting you know they are “rushing” or whatever.

But fraternities are the least of my problems in the world of college. It’s the rest of the people. Now, I am not as young as a good portion of the students I’m surrounded by. I’m a 26 year-old working man in a sea of 18 – 22 year-olds. A giant portion of these kids don’t really have jobs, outside of scooping ice cream 10 hours a week, and live on campus. I guess with the living on campus thing, a lot of them decide that they really don’t care about how they look while walking from class to class.

I’ve taken mostly night classes (as I work during the day) and I can’t tell you how many girls wear pajama bottoms to class. Or those fucking ridiculous short shorts with something clever on written on the ass, like ‘princess’ or something. Or wearing actual pink shorts with ‘pink’ written on the ass, just in case you’re color blind. A good portion of guys at my school aren’t aware that most shirts come with sleeves. Or that sandals aren’t meant to be worn with socks.

I could literally go on and on and on, for months, about this. Yesterday though, I saw something pretty amazing. And by amazing, I mean downright putrid. This bigger girl, with crazy tattoos, was wearing this white dress thing that looked more like a sheet or a curtain. Not because of it’s size or anything, but because of it’s pattern. It was pretty see-through. See-through enough for me to accidentally see her crazy green bra, and her even crazier green panties (I don’t know why but I really hate that word), clear as day. It grossed me out so much, that I saw it for like 20 minutes afterwards, every time I blinked, just like when you stare at the sun for too long. Are you not aware of nude colored underwear? I am a dude and I know about that shit… why doesn’t she?


Excuse me, they make nude… (9/2007)

Author: bronsonfive

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4 thoughts on “I can see your green underwear through that sheet you call a dress…”

  1. Word, Mike Ferraro. How DO you know about nude undies? Why do I always associate various undergarments with your name (see: manties)?

  2. This must be the wonderful Jen from RT. How I miss thee. And I am still sad I didn’t see you while I was minutes away from your home land.

    And about those manties… I think I still have them somewhere. Never worn, still to this day. And seriously, how does one NOT know about nude underwear?

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