Portrait of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…

I do indeed hope I spelled that correctly. He is the current president of Iran and a person who makes me laugh. Based on what he said in this here video, about the non-existence of homosexuals in his country, I was inspired to draw a portrait of him. And yes, I know… it doesn’t much look like him.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Michael Ferraro – 9/2007)


Author: bronsonfive

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11 thoughts on “Portrait of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…”

  1. Yes, Hitler used to make people laugh before coming to power. His squarish moustache, his hairdo, his personality as a decorated corporal, office-runner, his family tragedies ( harsh father, run-away elder brother, once-a year visiting sister, his beloved) were enough to make anyone weep. So made everyone weep.

    The Iranian President is a popular leader now. He may look like a Lizard but beware, his nation is behind him. Hes’ an oil king too. Has enough money to buy important materials from abroad, has the lion’s courage to go through a route previously adopted by Saddam Hussain. But something rings in my mind; the nemisis. If backed militarily by Stalin’s successors, he can give Russia access to warm waters. That also includes owning oil of Middle East, valued at 250 trillion USDs.

    The Caspian oil, which is valued at 150 trillion USDs is good money (one fifth goes to Iran). He is not joking sir. Don’t make him a laughing stock. When Napoleon 1 conquered all Europe except England & Wales, and he defeated the Russians at Salsberg, the entire world made cartoons of the Russian army. When Napoleon reached Moscow, Russian Army was the laughing stock of Europe. Everyone in his drawing room made jokes about Russia, Czar and General Kutuzov- the Russian Army commander. But he who laughs in the end is the WINNER. Mind that historic axiom.

  2. Iranian have said that they will fire 11000 missiles/rockets at US targets in the first five minutes of hostilities. What does this mean? It means Russians have been manufacturing Iranian warmachine. It means it incorporates latest hi-tech map coordinates making the targets more vulnerable. It means a full retaliatory bombardment has been meticulously planned and fzorces deployed to achieve the said goal. It means immediate destruction of water purification plants in the western end of the gulf. It means bombardments of HQs, Logistic dumpings, troops, weapons, airfields and blocking of the strait of Harmuz; closing it for big ships like oil tankers and aircraft carriers. It means Iranian Infantry gone in concentration areas nearest to Tehran’s mountainous regions. It means tanks camouflaged and made invisible. It means a ROCKET & MISSILE FIREBLOW as a first counter-strike.
    It means lots and lots of metal turned into weapons by the clerics in Iran. It means a big ‘haroosh’ in Gulf States.
    It also means SHIA militants taking on US targets from Dubai to Lebanon.
    The plan is out. This is a Russian plan, prepared by Russian General Staff; WWII style FIREBLOWS to start a later OFFENSIVE UPTO EXTREME DEPTHS OPERATION.
    It means US defeat and loss of its ME kings and oil.
    Now the enemy has given out his plan.
    Are they playing POKER? The pool is 400 trillion USDs.

  3. The Russian/Iranian plan is defensive ( like KURSK WWII) but it has taken them years to manufacture, deploy the forces.It assumes that US would strike first. Then Russia/Iran can let loose their counter-plan. During WWII the first move was an artillery FIREBLOW, massive artillery pounding targets, pulverising them, making the assault less expensive. The change now is Missiles/Rockets instead of artillery. MISSILE(ROCKET)BLOW FIRST. Since Russia is involved the space gadgetry of US for control of operations ( Satellites) shall be destroyed as a preamble. It can be done easily by the Russian rockets throwing debris in space. That will blind the American warmachine which is based on hi-tech satellites in space. Then the job of pulling down bombers and fighters. The Russians were always sure of that job. They pulled down U2 from 100,000 ft height. Bombers are easier targets.
    I see the essence of the plan: DENY FRESH WATER to US troops. Destroy water desalting plants, huge targets. Insurgents helping blow up pipes and vacuum pipes running plants.
    This would not be WWIII because Europe is not going to fight, nor India nor Pakistan nor Talibans. This would be Russian coalition vs. US coalition in Middle East.
    The trigger is in US hands but the other side is more ready. The US is presently chasing Ghosts and Shadows and has been attrited badly. That is a good start for the other side.
    Pakistan is threatened too. But our army is more apolitical than military. Army brass has agreed to marginalize PPP & PML(N) in order to bring back the old comfortable Parliament. That bunch of LOTAS cannot protect Pakistan in the field of battle; nor the present army chief has any knowledge of warfare. His leadership in Kargil is proof of his military ineptness.

  4. I started nodding off after the first sentence of your first comment. Seriously, none of this matters. At all. No matter what you write, especially on a blog that averages about 4 visitors a day, isn’t going to matter.

  5. But it’s apparent you have a lot of interesting things to say about all of the ridiculous things going on in other parts of the word. It’s obvious you read blogs, ever think about writing one?

  6. Suppose a general of Alexander the great woke up today. He will see EVERYTHING about which he would not know. I talked about Pakistan because IF RUSSIA+IRAN go to war against America, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the most important regions of that fight.But you dont need to be disturbed;you are sleeping. I have over 4000 published articles and five books to my credit. I enter a blog to help younger people (Im 71+) draw CORRECT CONCLUSIONS.

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