Things on Bathroom Walls Part 1: Dick Guy

In honor of today being such a slow day (and lazy on my part), I’ve decided to try something new…

Like most people, I’ve been in a lot of public bathrooms. I’ve seen a lot of weird things on bathroom walls: pictures, phrases, sayings, poems, etc. What better way to encapsulate the joy they bring me than by recreating them here for all to see?

This first entry is called “Dick Guy.” He was spotted on a toilet-paper dispenser. I don’t much understand him, or why someone would spend time drawing him there (or me doing it here for that matter), but perhaps maybe you can come to a hypothesis. This guy was found in the Classroom 1 Building of the University of Central Florida, in the third floor men’s room.


Dick in the Bathroom (10/2007)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

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