The amazing power of Google…

One of the amazing things about WordPress is that they are very helpful when it comes to user-interface. They allow you to see how many hits per day each entry gets, what links people click on, and even how they may have found you. They even go as far as to let you know what people are searching in Google to find you. This is where I find myself scratching my head. I used to think it was pretty cool to find out what people were typing in search engines to get to me but lately, those requests keep getting more odd as time goes on.

Here are just a few examples of the weird shit people are searching on the internet:

  • “girls wearing see through dresses” and “see through underwear” – Lead them to my entry entitled, “I can see your green underwear through that sheet you call a dress.” Not exactly what someone looking for something to masturbate to wanted to find I am sure.
  • “a fist in a guy’s butt” – I am not sure what entry that brings you to because I am too frightened to put that into a search engine. Who the fuck would look for that?
  • “kid walking with underwear in youtube” and “youtube women in underwear” – Someone should probably get the police to track down this weird fuck searching for the first part.
  • “youtube video woman passed out urinated” – Do you really want to see some guy piss on a dead woman?
  • “pictures of guy taking it up the butt” – How does this take you here? And to what entry does it direct you to? Anyone brave enough to type that in their search engine for me would really help.

That’s it for today though. But I am sure this will keep happening. As it does, you can be sure I will fill you in.

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

2 thoughts on “The amazing power of Google…”

  1. Some of them are, some of them aren’t. I put them all in quotes just to try and differentiate it from the text, in case the italics did nothing.

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