“I’d like a car loan and 20 condoms, please.”

The business world never runs out of new ideas to, well, get business. Thanks to the folks over at Reuters (click here), a Thai bank is jumping into the battlefield in the fight against AIDS by handing out condoms to those who need them. Prophylactics and money go together like, well, actually I think there is no better relationship I can compare them to.

You have to admire them though. Bringing this out into the open only fuels the awareness vehicle in an otherwise conservative country (so says the article anyway). For teens not being properly educated on such matters, hopefully they will find themselves seeking possession of these free goodies. But, if they aren’t really educated in the art of safe sex, will this even matter to them or will they continue to have sex without them?

We may never know. I remember sex education very well. It was a sort of oddity actually that I’ve never been able to figure out. When I was in 7th grade, my health teacher was Mr. Harris (yes, that’s his real name). This dude told us story after story about every single disease in the fucking world, and how he knew enough people living with pretty much every STD out there. He scared the shit out of us. Condoms have been my best friend ever since.

Then, when I was in 9th grade, we had some more sex lessons in school. Only this time, my teacher, Mrs. Weaver, was this crazy religious freak who taught us not about STDs and pregnancy, she instead taught us about something called “abstinence.” Speaking from experience, kids want to know nothing about this methodry (I think I just made that word up). We want to know about fucking. We want to know about the penis, the glorious vagina, and orgasms. Shit, I had friends of mine who lost their virginity when we were in 7th grade (lucky bastards). This just proves that no matter how many times you tell them not to do it, they are going to do it anyway. So why not educate them and pass the free prophylactics?

I think I just kind of went on a rant… sorry about that kids. Here is yet another picture from a long time ago. I actually drew it with Microsoft Paint. Nowadays, I use Illustrator. This is a special picture that only few have ever seen. I now present it for the world to see.


The Lonely Panda (7/2005)

Sorry I keep recycling old pictures. I’ll have a fresh one for you tomorrow, I promise.

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