ABC’s “Cavemen” is less funny than a baby on fire…

When it was announced that ABC planned a fall series around Geico’s infamous Caveman advertisements, it felt as if all creativity on Earth finally ran dry. Sure, the commercials were somewhat entertaining, but they were only 30 – 60 seconds long. I guess some suit found it funny enough to stretch into half-hour episodes.


Then it finally aired. I really had no interest to watch it (I mean, this is the season that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is airing new episodes, what else do I need?). For some odd reason though, I decided to set the DVR to record the debut episode so I had something to watch some lonesome day when I was all out of material. That day finally came yesterday and I can say this: Holy Shitballs.

This show is probably the most unfunny thing I’ve seen outside of a Dane Cook movie. It had nothing. Nothing. They even brought in poor Nick Swardson (a character regular on Reno 911) and turned him into mediocrity.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned here for ABC: Commercials weren’t meant to be television shows. That’s why they are commercials. They are meant to be short and sweet, not episodic and lengthy. I hope this show cost someone some coin. Even more so, I can’t wait until it is no more.

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

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