Mr. Potato Head is a good place to hide Ecstasy

CNN reports that some wacky guy in Australia just got busted for hiding a bunch of ecstasy tablets in a Mr. Potato Head doll. Remember that part in Toy Story 2 (one of the finest films of 1999) when Mrs. Potato Head was packing Mr. Potato Head with all the things he needed for his journey? Imagine if she slapped some E pills in his backside. The gang never would have caught up with Woody. Rex (the green dinosaur) would have had some difficulties rubbing himself…


Deleted Scene from Toy Story 2 (10/2007)

Wait, is ecstasy still cool? I remember that shit when I was in high school. It was everywhere and it seemed that everyone was doing it. Listening to electronics beats while rubbing each other’s backs and dancing around like an epileptic with glow sticks… I never understood it.

In Michael Bay’s epic masterpiece, Bad Boys II, the opening sequence involves a drug dealer smuggling some ecstasy over from Cuba in coffins. It would have been so much better if he used Mr. Potato Head dolls instead. Maybe he’ll use that in Bad Boys III.

Author: bronsonfive

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7 thoughts on “Mr. Potato Head is a good place to hide Ecstasy”

  1. Speaking of Michaels and Cuba…

    What if Mann teamed up Mike Lowrey, Marcus Burnett, Crockett and Tubbs…all on X…they could rub each others’ shoulders till all the drugs in South Florida (read Cuba) were obsolete…

    I’d rock it twice (at the Green Hills Mall)…

  2. Your backgrounds are getting better and better. I really think that if you were to go skipping or galloping or slinking through the right “art” circles, you could get a sugar momma.

  3. over from abarclay’s place…but do we really have to have a bad boys 3?
    Let’s go with the other…toy story 3 with the E.
    Poss story line
    Brat Dolls selling
    Woody and Buzz have to save the toys!

  4. When I first heard about this I figured, this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase baked potato, wink, wink!


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