There is a God Part II: Crank 2

The cinema Gods are in full effect right now. Apparently we mortals did something right to be honored this often in one single week. First, news broke of 4 Fast 4 Furious re-uniting Paul Walker and Vin Diesel to one of the cheesiest franchises ever. Then, the Gods surprised us with the choice of McG to direct Terminator 4 with Vin Diesel to star. You take the good and take the bad I guess.


Jason Statham in Crank (Picture: Lions Gate)

Now, after that disappointing Terminator blow, we have great news again! The original filmmakers behind the 2006 masterpiece, Crank (Neveldine/Taylor), are bringing back our once thought dead hero for another go at mayhem. According to Empire Magazine (Click here), Crank 2 aims to start shooting in April of 2008.


Statham and Amy Smart in Crank (Picture: Lions Gate)

The only possible snag? If Jason Statham says no. But he won’t because he seems like a smart guy. He likes money. And Crank is his best film… why wouldn’t he return? Bring back Amy Smart too, because she has nothing else going on.

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