“Mind if I kill myself in front of the City Council?”

CNN Reports: Last Thursday evening, in Clarksville, TN, a man became so frustrated with a decision by the City Council who decided against re-zoning his house as a commercial land, that he decided to do something rather drastic. He walked up to the members and said, “Y’all have put me under… I’m out of here.”

And away he went, as he pulled out a gun and shot himself to death in front of an audience of 50 plus people Now, I am not arguing that this is indeed a tragic story, you have to admire the man’s courage. Most people who decide to commit suicide do it in the comfort of their own homes or some place private. This guy did it during a meeting in front a group of people. That’s what I call dedication.

This story reminded of ole’ Budd Dwyer. To summarize, he was a Republican politician involved in some scheme that earned him over $300,000. Instead of facing his woes like a man (he would have gotten up to 55 years in prison if convited), he held a live televised press conference. Right before it was to start, he passed around sealed envelopes and told everyone not to open it until it was all over. He finally took the podium, pulled out a revolver, then shot himself in the mouth… in front of all those people, on live television.


Budd Dwyer moments before he pulled the trigger in his mouth (1987 AP Photo/Gary Miller)

I’ve actually seen the Dwyer footage. It was included on one of those Faces of Death or Traces of Death videos from back in the day. I am pretty positive that a google search will provide you with a link to it, if you are so curious. A little word to the wise though, be prepared for blood. It runs out of his face like someone turned on a bath.


$300,000 Dwyer (10/2007)

A friend of mine once told me this joke, with his best Elmer Fudd impersonation. It went, “How do you dry off a gun?” I shrugged my shoulders. He responded with, “You put it in a Dwyer.” Yes, that’s a terrible joke. But today is a rather grim today, so let’s roll with that.

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4 thoughts on ““Mind if I kill myself in front of the City Council?””

  1. that clip was in an old traces (not faces, the ripoff company that gorgoth video sued) of death vhs tape i rented when i was a young lad. i think it was volume 2. pulling a .44 out of a manila envelope is metal.

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