Things on Bathroom Walls Part 2: Boobs

Again, it never ceases to amaze me all the weird shit written on the wall in the bathroom. The idiot racist shit or the easy “So and So was here” are easily ignorable. As are the moronic swastikas some people still think are cool enough to draw next to a shitter… wait. Maybe you mostly see those in a bathroom for that simple reason: that’s where they belong.

Regardless, the pictures are always what I look for. And this following drawing stems from years of public bathroom use. If you are a male, and have used a public bathroom at all in your life, you’ve probably seen this (or should I say these):


These Aren’t Eyes (10/2007)

Perhaps their drawing skills are just too amazing but they always look like a pair of eyes. Which is weird, when you’re in there and see these eyes looking at your every move. But they aren’t eyes.

They’re boobs. Guys love them some boobs. They love them so much that they even think about them while dropping a deuce. Nothing like thinking about something so precious when a shit-train is coming out of your ass.

Author: bronsonfive

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5 thoughts on “Things on Bathroom Walls Part 2: Boobs”

  1. I love the stuff on bathroom walls. Totally inspiring. I’ve seen some great things, but I mostly enjoy the drawings of the penises. I always forget to bring my sharpie when I use public restrooms.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of cocks on the walls in a men’s room, which is something I never understood. An even bigger question… who the fuck carries a sharpie around with them everywhere?

  3. You’d be surprised. Sometimes when I get my hair colored, and it looks terrible, I have to travel with a brown sharpie, so I can draw over the hideous color. Long story – my family thinks I’m nuts.

  4. Hello bronsonfive; I’ve seen you on AB’s blog a lot, and I’m a whore who likes to make visits; you amuse me :-)

  5. Really? A brown sharpie? Man, I need to get on this sharpie train. That way I can draw cocks, balls, boobs, and skulls wherever I want.

    Romi: Well thank you for your amusement. Wait, is that right? Regardless, I am glad I amuse you and I look forward to doing it more.

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