Mayoral Observations: Creedance Clearwater Revival


Worst John Fogerty Portrait Ever (10/2007)

Dear City Pictures Readers,

I’m Da Mayor. Some of you know me, some of you don’t. Bronson is my pal. We like to rock it when we can. Last week, our rocking consisted of really good beer, really cheap beer, at least 6 Bloody Mary’s (one of which was in a mason jar), and the first two seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Somewhere in all that goodness, we got to talking, yada yada yada… next thing I know, he agreed to post a few Mayoral Observations in his blog. That kid is the shit.

So I’ve met a ton of motherfuckers in my day. I’ve met people who hate Rush, love Jack White, and could give a shit about John Mayer. It’s okay to hate The Grateful Dead and love Wilco. I’ve known individuals who didn’t “get” the whole Beatles thing. In 1999, Al Di Meola and I stood in his kitchen making fun of sax solos.

Everyone these days likes to believe that they have the most diverse taste in music (peep anyone’s Myspace page to confer). In this vast world of musical preferance, where there are literally millions of variables, I offer this constant variable: ever meet anyone who didn’t like Creedence Clearwater Revival? I haven’t. I’d even bet 50 Cent and Eminem rock to some Creedence before they lay down a track. Seriously, think about it. Everybody loves them some Fogerty.

And why wouldn’t you? It’s so good. Now, not everyone sets out to voluntarily listen to CCR daily but volume knobs turn to the right as soon as you hear “Down on on the Corner.” What about “Fortunate Son”? Fuck me, that’s probably the greatest anti-war song EVER. If you don’t have it already, just go buy Willy and the Poor Boys. And while you’re at it, trade in some of those Reward Zone coupons and pick up Chronicle Vol. 1 – the definitive ‘greatest hits’ album – as well. Just a thought.

Till next time…

– Da Mayor

P.S. What kind of shit is this Across the Universe picture? That fucker looks truly atrocious. I don’t give a goddamn if Bono is it or not. It screams Moulin Rouge with shitty covers of songs I love. Fuck that movie. Bronson should punch that movie in the face!

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