“They don’t make too many Norah Jones shirts for dudes.”

I was walking around my dreadful college the other day when it hit me. I often walk by people engaged in conversation with each other, and it seems that I always hear a statement or a question that takes me completely by surprise. I mean, it should, as I am not hearing the entire conversation, but a lot of the times these comments just baffle me. I can’t help but wonder how a conversation between two males got to a place where one of them would say, “Yeah man, they really don’t make too many Norah Jones shirts for dudes.”

Don’t get me wrong, I like Norah Jones, but I never felt the urge to seek out a shirt. I even purposely own all of her albums (even have one on vinyl). Still, I thought this kid’s comment was hilarious. He genuinely seemed distraught over the whole ordeal, like, “How dare she not make shirts for us guys?”

I started thinking, “How can Norah Jones not have shirts for guy fans?” So I did some research (and by research I mean I did some google-search). I found myself pointed to Norahjones.com, and when I got there, I found a store. When I clicked on the “clothing” link, it first appeared that the kid may have been right. But as my search continued (as I scrolled down the page), it was clear to me. This kid couldn’t have been any more wrong.

There are quite a few Jones shirts for guys. She even sells boxer shorts. Can you imagine, meeting a guy for the first time and you’re about to get to the business, when you notice he has on a pair of Norah Jones boxer shorts that say, “Feels like home,” on them? What do you say to that? I wish I had a pair of those.


Give Me One of Them Norah Jones Shirts… (10/2007)

Author: bronsonfive

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3 thoughts on ““They don’t make too many Norah Jones shirts for dudes.””

  1. Pugs: Cabbage Patch… I remember them. Have you seen that new Geico commercial with the Cabbage Patch Kid? I had one as a kid, but his head fell off shortly after my mom got it for me. Sad. Glue didn’t hold that thing together.

    Abarclay: The Norah Jones Man-Thong. Or “Manties” as they were called at Sundance in 2006 (too long of a story). I’m going to send that suggestion to her people ASAP, giving you full credit of course.

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