George Lucas looking for writers for new ‘Star Wars’ show?

Cinematical reports that everyone’s favorite flannel-clad filmmaker, George Lucas, is now on the prowl for new writers to help him pen his new Star Wars television show. If only he did this back in 1999. Maybe Phantom Menace wouldn’t have been so disappointing or maybe Attack of the Clones wouldn’t be so fucking unwatchable.

I hate to say it but my Star Wars days are long behind me. I don’t even enjoy watching the old, un-tainted, trilogy all that much anymore. But that isn’t to say I wouldn’t be interested in watching some new Star Wars business without Lucas’ hand in the writing pot. Let’s face it, what’s the best Star Wars movie? The Empire Strikes Back. You know why? Because George Lucas didn’t write the screenplay or direct this film.

Will Star Wars prevail on the small screen though? Who knows; but at least it isn’t another shitty reality show.


George Walton Lucas Jr. (5/2005)

*This picture is from another blog I used to write long ago. Sorry it’s not an original but I’ll be back with that real soon.

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