The Story of Jonesy…

Saima came over my house about a month ago and was like, “Hey… I found this kitty.” And I was like, “Man, this kitty is small.” It must have been a month or so old. She had to feed it with a syringe for a while. That was messy. Kitty would freak out every time he spotted the thing. His paws would flail around and he’d get the formula everywhere.

Apparently this kitty’s mommy abandoned it. At first, the name “Squeaker” (a Toy Story 2 reference) was tossed out there, as he meowed all the time. Saima didn’t like that (for good reason), so she came up with the much better name, Jonesy (an Alien reference). Jonesy is a good kitty.


Saima’s Kitty (10/2007)

Author: bronsonfive

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