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I wrote a blog for FT a while ago about a little film called Out for Justice. It’s a silly little film about a Brooklyn cop getting pissed that someone killed his partner, so he walks around punching people and smacking them in the mouth with a pool ball wrapped in some cloth. Ouch.

Seagal also runs around yelling, “Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?” In the beginning of the film, Richie (William Forsythe), walks up to Bobby Lupo and shoots him in the chest a couple of times. And he does it right in front of his wife and kids. Classic.

I went to a little Horror Convention called Screamfest 2007 this weekend in Orlando. Forsythe was there and everyone was going up to him with copies of “The Devil’s Rejects” or “Halloween (2007)” merchandise. But I said, “Fuck all that.” I went up to him with my “Out for Justice” laserdisc. You should have seen how happy he was to see a laserdisc – he actually stood up to marvel the glory.

So, I was also armed with a camera and a mic. I asked him if it was cool if I asked him one question on camera. He said, “Well, it depends what the question is.” So I told him. He said, “Fuck yeah, you ask me that.” So I asked him, “So, why did Richie do Bobby Lupo?”

His answer is simply too good to describe with words. I have it on video and promise to get up in a week or two. It’s quite classic.