The single word that describes me best…

Or is it “which describes me best…”? Anyway, I was reading this blog the other day and found myself in a sort of inspired mood. Apparently there is some online community out there that posts challenges for bloggers to tackle. The one attempted that I was reading was this:

You have a t shirt. You have to wear it all day, every day. It has one word about you, describing you in some way, written on it. It is from this word that strangers and friends draw their conclusions about you. What is your word, and why?

Describe yourself in one word on a t-shirt? Man, I have a hard time describing myself to others in anything smaller than a paragraph, but one word? That’s the business right there. I decided to take on this quest, however, no matter how long it would take. Sadly, it really didn’t take very long.

What word would I want to wear on a shirt that could describe me? It would have to describe everything about me. My hardships as well as my loves. Could this word also describe my looks and my persona? What about attitude, would it cover that too? This would have to encapsulate all of my misery, my misfortunes, my continual fuck-ups, my lack of finance, my newfound baldness, and my hatred towards guys who wear sleeveless shirts.

I played baseball as a youth for too many years to count. Would this word be able to describe that too? Or how about my 5 year attempt at skateboarding? This word would even have to inform others of my juggling abilities. And my progress as a freelance film critic. Or as an artist who gets paid for his work. It would even have to describe my brief career in filmmaking.

How can one single word say all that? After much time and debate, I found the right word. And I drew what it would look like on a t-shirt. And I would wear it everyday.


Cleaning Out My Closet (10/2007)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

12 thoughts on “The single word that describes me best…”

  1. I’m so glad you did this; “fucked” is a great word :-) It can really describe a lot of aspects of a person, and in your case, it seems to cover off alot of instances ;-)

    PS: glad you joined the forum, you should totally do the next one.

    PPS: men in sleeveless shirts should be punched; nobody needs to see that

  2. Ninja is a good one.

    Romi: I’m on the next one like something on something else. Keep me posted.

    Lucas: Awesome is a good one for you, as is “rape-comedy”.

    Wendy: I think there is something wrong if your anus DOESN’T hurt after watching that piece of fuck.

  3. Well.
    It seems that I am always at the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong person at the wrong time, feeling the wrong way at the wrong time and SAYING the wrong thing at the wrong time. And on the rare occasion I am handed something truly great, I fail to recognize it as such. I also have many aspects of my life that would make ANYone really lucky but I have really very little time to enjoy them. I think my word would be “misfortune”… or maybe “moron”; “moron” works too.

  4. Pugs: You’re probably right on both of those but “fucked” captures those too…

    Jenn: See above response.

    Palestin: I wish I was in those shoes.

    Saimfeld: Your word would be either “fantastic” or “awesome” or a combo of the two, “Awestastic”.

  5. Mine would look like this:


    That’s my clever way of saying “misunderstood”. Because I’m constantly having to apologize for being abrasive/forward/a raging asshole, when that’s not typically my intention.

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