Dead man loses fingers even though his ID was found in hand…

“Wait, what?”

Reuters posted a story last week about a dead man’s fingers being cut off for identification purposes, despite the fact that his ID was in his cold dead hand. I don’t know who to feel bad for… the guy who has to stick his fingers together for the funeral service or the corpse whose fingers were unjustly removed.


Where’s me fingers? (10/2007)

Today’s entry is short… maybe I am getting ready for Halloween.

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

12 thoughts on “Dead man loses fingers even though his ID was found in hand…”

  1. I put “Where’s me fingers?” because I recently watched that movie “Leprechaun” and it inspired me to write from the perspective of one… He wanders about the whole film asking, “Where’s me gold?”

    So, “Where’s me fingers?”

  2. This kinda reminds me of that time that I knocked a girl out ’cause I didn’t wanna hear her talk, even though she was a mute…but anyway…

  3. Romi is violent – ask her about her “office gang.” I feel worse for the guy who had to stick the fingers back together. That’s gross. Love the illustration though Bronson-5.

  4. I’m not sure what brought on the violence; it may have been the fact that I was having one of my “violent blurry spells”, brought on by missing a dose of my “don’t be a psycho” medication…aside from that, she looked me in the eye as if we’re on the same “social status level”, and that pretty much warranted an automatic “beat down”..

    And Barclay’s right, I’m in an office gang and we wear leather jackets at lunch; I carry a heavy flashlight which doubles as a club…bitches…

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