Punching Christmas Trees in the Face…

I don’t know what it is lately but this holiday business is making me angry. I haven’t been this angry at the holidays in a really long time. What is wrong with me? Could it be my decent towards the 30s without really having anything to show for it but debt and a lack of career that matters?

I was walking around the mall the other day and I saw holiday decorations galore. Everywhere I looked. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet – what’s the hurry? You mind as well leave them up all year round at this point. And keep we non-holiday types angry.


Punching Trees in the Face (11/2007)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

8 thoughts on “Punching Christmas Trees in the Face…”

  1. love the pic! you are just the greatest artist! I don’t even put up a christmas tree, my kids don’t care, as long as there’s presents.

  2. Abar: I am down with that. I can handle that. But you’re the songstress… can you fit this task in with your busy schedule?

    Joebec: That’s good to hear. Your kids seem to know what’s up – presents. That’s all that matters when you’re young. Then you get old and stop giving a shit. Ah, what it’s like to be a youth.

  3. Hey, I still like Xmas and I actually worked in retail Xmas hell for two seasons. You gotta ignore the commercial end of it.

  4. Trek: I worked in retail many, many, years ago during the time of Jesus. I wanted to punch every single customer in the face. I understand why people like this season and how magical it makes them feel, it just has the opposite effect on me.

    Pugs: Some Floridians do, some don’t. Maybe a picture is in order.

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