Amy Winehouse has some crazy teeth…

I keep seeing these pictures of Amy Winehouse all over the place. With each new picture I see, there is an unpleasant feeling the lower region of my body. What is wrong with this chick? Why does she look like a raccoon? Why does she have less teeth than a group of semen on your little brother’s bedroom floor? My mind simply refuses to believe that any living human being has had any exciting feelings towards this girl as she lowers her clothes. She is indeed a hideous creature.


All Out of Heroin: The Amy Winehouse Story (11/2007)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

10 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse has some crazy teeth…”

  1. Joebec: Pleasure to be of service.

    HG: I know she’s a singer. But why does that exclude her from journeying to the dentist from time to time, or laying off the heroin? She has money. Shit, I am poor and I can still make my way to the dentist from time to time. I can even afford to eat too… why doesn’t this bitch eat something?

  2. She’s a freak.end of. Still, when she’s spent all her royalties on crack cocaine, she can still make a few bob giving exhibitions of how to eat an apple thru a tennis racket…..

  3. Yeah, she really is quite scary looking. Well done on the illustration…I think that if you ever write something about Rosie O’Donnell you can use this exact same drawing.

  4. This is honestly one of the funniest things I have seen all day. lol I have often wondered – why? Why can’t she, with all the money from her horrid singles and albums get those fixed.

  5. Kevmoore: The drool was the start of the piece. Everything else was built around it. I am glad you enjoy it so.

    Charls: Haha. When I write about Rosie some day in the near future, I will indeed use this picture.

    Lying: It makes me feel good to be apart of the funniest thing you’ve seen all day. And I agree, she has plenty of benjamins lying around, she just needs to stop spending it on heroin and/or crack.

  6. I love that you built the pic around drool ;-)

    Did you hear that she just perfomed a show a couple nites ago in England, and got booed off stage, for being all drunk and terrible and stumbly and shit?…She only managed to get 4 songs in, and most of the people walked out..there was a lot of drool involved too, hence why your picture is so appropriate…

    It’s stories like that which brighten up my day like only sunshine and UV rays normally can :-)

  7. “why don’t you eat something? youre always hungry so just eat something.”

    “why cant you stop eating? why eat if youre not hungry?”

    and yet, there are only textbook answers that get old and don’t apply to everyone who have disordered eating habits (assuming that ordered eating habits are any “better”).

    I think she needs to do something with her hair first.

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