“Why does my mouth taste like feces?”

It’s become a new trend for bloggers to post the most ridiculous search entry terms people have typed into Google to find their blog. I’ve even done it before. But I was inspired to do it again today, when I noticed that someone typed, “why does my mouth taste like feces?” into a search engine, and somehow found their way to Pictures of Doom.


“Breath be stinkin’ like a girl’s poo-poo.” (11/2007)

Now, I am not typing that into a search engine to see what page or picture of mine comes up. I like the mystery of it all. Secondly, who the fuck would type that into a search engine and why would they do so? If your mouth tastes like shit, you have way bigger problems at hand. Take a look around your room, find out who you slept with last night/what you may have put in your mouth, etc.

There are other questions in the list too and since people found their way here by entering weird shit, I guess it’s my duty to give them some answers…

  1. “Why does my mouth taste like feces?” A toothbrush and some mouthwash will cure that, no problem. Where did you sleep last night?
  2. “Do you know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?” I actually do have the answer for this. I asked the man himself. See it for yourself by clicking here.
  3. “What if I kill myself?” Then I will have one less idiotic question to answer here. Please don’t do that. Stupidity is what we thrive on.
  4. “What animals kill ostriches?” Pissed off ones I am guessing.
  5. What’s an elephant’s cock size?” Wow. Is someone doing research for a new niche of bestiality or what?

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19 thoughts on ““Why does my mouth taste like feces?””


    i shot Pepsi out of my nose. No shit!! OW, it burns!

    no one has made me shoot liquid out of my nose yet, not even Romi (my BFF) or Abarclay.

    congratulations on your ground breaking effort!

  2. First of all – I take issue with Joebec’s comment. I think she is lying. I believe I have made her shoot liquids. I just don’t know what liquids. Maybe she had a runny nose, and some snot (snot of laughter shot out). But I guess we’ll never know.

    Second, HA HA HA HA HA HA. I know what Joebec means because I’m trying to teach my Period 5 English class, adn they’re taking a quiz, but I’m dying here. When I laugh hard, tears come out of my eyes, so I guess you’ve made me shoot liquids too. I laughed so hard at “What if I kill myself” and I laughed so hard at your answer to “What animals kill Ostrichs.”


  3. I’m not fucking lying, i SWEAR! i am finding it rather questionable that the poop spots all over that poor guy look ALOT like the giraffe spots… coincedence? i think not.

  4. Hahahaha I like how you answered the questions people used to find your blog. I always ask myself how the hell people find my site. I look at the references, and get interesting quotes like “star wars eekwoks fight business” and “When the big guy knocked out teeth” But not mouth tasting like feces. I think that is an honor. Good job.


  5. oh my gosh, that is the most hilarious fucking picture ever! You are such a talented artist!! MY GOD the poo-splatter…haha…and I love how is the quote of the picture was “breath be stinkin’ like a girl’s poo-poo”…I cried….

    PS: soo…do you have an answer for that elephant question? Just kind of…randomly…wondering….

  6. Annalyn: I am not quite sure. We should get drinks soon and try to figure that out.

    Joebec: It pleases me to no end to hear you spit soda out of your nose. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Seriously. It’s always hard for me to understand the power of words that come out of my mind. And perhaps it was your poop comment that also inspired this picture (outside of the douche who google’d that question of course).

    Abarclay: Judging by your readers’ comments, you make people shoot more liquids than I think you understand. ;) And you read this while teaching? Perhaps this entry should be shown to your pupils as a preventative internet-weirdness preventer.

    Trek: Coors Light is okay but you should really switch to something a little higher in class. Like cans of Busch or Natural Ice.

    Coach Potato: Hmm, I never thought of this as being an honor. Perhaps I should thank this weirdo? In fact, I would actually like him to come forward and claim his question.

    Romi: Actually, the picture’s title is a line from an Old Dirty Bastard song. I think it’s from “Hippa to the Hoppa” from “Return to the 36 Chambers.” Good song.

    PS: I’d imagine they are pretty fucking huge. Like, it’d probably tear you in two. Man, did I just say that? Sorry Romi. Ugh. If it makes you feel any better, I almost just typed “elephant cock” into google images… ALMOST.

  7. I like higher class beers too, but Coors Light is good when the budget is low.

    I have a question for you though buddy. Would you be interested in doing some art for my blog. I’m looking for a cool banner, and since I like your pictures, I thought it be worth it to ask. So whaddya say? How would you like to have your art be front and center on Slam Dizzle?

  8. It’s more than just their hygiene. Original poster maybe a bit arrogant? Ignorant? Haughty? Do more research on the subject and also have a bit of empathy for people.

    1. Clearly you have never read a single word of this blog. Empathy is not a strong suit of mine. Also, this blog has been dead for years. The horse isn’t getting up.

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