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It’s become a new trend for bloggers to post the most ridiculous search entry terms people have typed into Google to find their blog. I’ve even done it before. But I was inspired to do it again today, when I noticed that someone typed, “why does my mouth taste like feces?” into a search engine, and somehow found their way to Pictures of Doom.


“Breath be stinkin’ like a girl’s poo-poo.” (11/2007)

Now, I am not typing that into a search engine to see what page or picture of mine comes up. I like the mystery of it all. Secondly, who the fuck would type that into a search engine and why would they do so? If your mouth tastes like shit, you have way bigger problems at hand. Take a look around your room, find out who you slept with last night/what you may have put in your mouth, etc.

There are other questions in the list too and since people found their way here by entering weird shit, I guess it’s my duty to give them some answers…

  1. “Why does my mouth taste like feces?” A toothbrush and some mouthwash will cure that, no problem. Where did you sleep last night?
  2. “Do you know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?” I actually do have the answer for this. I asked the man himself. See it for yourself by clicking here.
  3. “What if I kill myself?” Then I will have one less idiotic question to answer here. Please don’t do that. Stupidity is what we thrive on.
  4. “What animals kill ostriches?” Pissed off ones I am guessing.
  5. What’s an elephant’s cock size?” Wow. Is someone doing research for a new niche of bestiality or what?