The Turkey I Didn’t Kill…

I went to my friend’s house for Thanksgiving this year (actually I go there every year apparently) and decided it’d be best if I reported the goings-on. She’s a vegetarian, so that means she doesn’t partake in eating animals that have been beheaded and cooked, or smashed in the head with a hammer and grilled. So every year for turkey day, we eat a micro-protein fake turkey. Basically, it comes in a tube (like a really fat sausage) and you cook it up for a bit. Then you slice it and eat it.

“What does it taste like though dude? Sounds gross…”

No, your face is gross. This shit is actually pretty good. Especially with some cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. I am not a vegetarian either and I still enjoyed it (and have for the past few years). So this picture is dedicated to the turkey with the spared life…


The Sad Turkey (11/2007)

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