“I like my breath to smell like shit so I can get funky.”

That delicious quote is by Old Dirty Bastard, AKA Big Baby Jesus, AKA some other names too.

This blog entry is yet another of mine dedicated to shit. People love to search various things about “shit” that I have yet to comprehend. Here are yesterday’s odd search choices that led people to Pictures of Doom:

  • Feces taste in mouth
  • How does poop taste?
  • This ice tastes like shit
  • Pictures of shit, poop, feces
  • pictures of shit in the toilet

And this was just yesterday. One day worth of “shit” searching. Here are some of this week’s greatest hits:

  • Shit in a toilet images
  • How should feces look?
  • Taste shit in mouth
  • Mouth that taste like poop
  • Shit in my mouth
  • My mouth tastes like shit
  • My breath tastes like poop
  • What does shit taste like
  • Poo in my mouth
  • Images of pooping in mouth
  • Shit bath pictures

So let’s recap – that’s 16 different searches, all relating to poop, that somehow led people here in the past 7 days. That’s an average of 2 per day. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Look how many relate to shit-in-mouth… I’ve done a lot of questionable things with my mouth in my day but I’ve never had that problem.

But to you people who found yourself here, looking for shit pictures or the like, I found this picture for you.


When I think of shit, this is what I think of. I imagine she smells just as bad too, especially when she enters your mouth.

Oh wait, I just discovered that someone searched, “What does dog cock taste like?” and found their way here. Are these people disappointed that nothing here helps them?

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

7 thoughts on ““I like my breath to smell like shit so I can get funky.””

  1. i’m really bothered by how many people are just obsessed with the taste of shit… yuck! i mean, if you’re that curious, i guess just fucking take a bite. (oh, gag!!)

    good choice on the pic of britney though. god she makes feel fucking all kinds of dirty. and not in a good way.

  2. Hahaha…i love how one of the searches was “shit bath pictures”…that is so fucking sick; do you know how much shit you would have to round up to take an actual “shit bath”??..and it probably wouldn’t all be your own, like I bet you’d have to round it up from other people by going door-to-door with a bag and asking politely..okay I’ve thought about this way too much now..shudder…

  3. I’m with Romi – I liked “shit bath pictures,” but I also am pretty horrified that someone would google “what does dog cock taste like?” Wow. Deep breath. That is miggity messed up.

  4. I’m sick and tired of people publicizing what I search for. Can’t a guy try and figure out what shit tastes like without everyone knowing? I’m just trying to keep my sex life interesting

  5. Joebec: I don’t get it either. You’d think shit is one of those things that tastes the way it smells…

    Romi: I guess taking a bath with you is out of the question? Haha, that was gross. But seriously, I think a shit bath wouldn’t be that hard to come across. The shit bathee would have to eat a lot of Taco Bell or something.

    Cowgal: Depending on what city you live in, I think shit would be pretty easy to find.

    Abarclay: Okay, so that wasn’t you who searched that? I was pretty sure, but I have to be certain ;)

    Trek: I guess you’re right, I’ll try and stop picking on you.

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