Everyone is fine, we are okay.

I’ve been a little slacking this week. First, the GRE raped me, then, I had to take a bunch of finals. As of last night though, I have no more finals. And I was going to write an entry about me being done with college, when I logged in and saw this in the “search engine term” field:


See how many of them involve “shit-in-mouth”? Then I saw this:


And this:


Come out of what? I want to know! And a little bit of this:


And finally, some of this:


It’s amazing to me how often “what does poop taste like” is google’d. But as someone once said, “Never underestimate the power of the internet.” What’s even more baffling is how they end up here, at Pictures of Doom. I am not brave enough to enter that into a search engine so that’ll just have to remain a mystery to me.

What I feel even worse about is the fact that these people are desperately seeking the answer to one of life’s most vile questions, and they end up here, where no such answer exists. If you are one of those people, trying to discover what shit or poop or feces tastes like, all I can say to you is, give it a try. What do you have to lose? You can’t get any lower than you are now I’m sure. I can tell you this though… shit is not going to taste good. That is just a little hunch I have. Use that information as you will.

To my regular, non-shit-seeking readers, I am sorry for the lack of picturey lately. I’ve had a lot of shit (not the kind you taste) going on. Next week, we’ll be back for good. There is a lot of things I’ve wanted to tackle…

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8 thoughts on “Everyone is fine, we are okay.”

  1. I heard something about some vile video running around the internet now with two chicks discovering what poo tastes like. Maybe that’s why the search engine had so many related questions…I haven’t seen the video yet and if I went looking for it, I would probably get fired from work just as soon as they ran my internet report. So, I think I’m better off not knowing…

  2. You know, they may not get the answers they want, but if they REALLY wanted the answer, it’s only a dump away.

    What they DO get though, is some awesome, hilarious pics, and one great fucking blog to read.

    it’s win-win my man, win-win.

  3. Cheetah: I heard about that video too. I’ll never be bored enough to google that.

    Joebec: Thanks for the compliments dear. Lately it’s been very shit dedicated, but that’ll change soon.

    Pessy: I do believe you’re right good sir.

  4. @ sexual trex: it tastes like chicken!?!??!?! WTF!?!?!?!


    And to you B-five, I”m SO glad you’re gonna be back for good, I’m all drooly and excited, when I think of all the things you have to tackle; can’t wait to read it!

    PS: “my breath tastes like it smells”…LMAO! :-)

  5. After you type any synonym for “human waste” once into a blog entry, there’s no turning back. At some point, you’ll cease to be surprised at how many times people want to know about excretions and your blog is included in search results.

    You need to complete the circle and write the words “circle of shit” and “Pier Paolo Pasolini” and “Salo” or “120 Days of Sodom.”

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