The Final Word on Poop…

2 Girls, 1 Cup… That sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it. That title… where do you know it from? Well, one of your dumbass friends probably sent you an e-mail with a link in it, that takes you a video. And in this video, drowned by a soft piano sound, are two girls. They start out by making out with each other until, well, one of them shits in a cup. Needless to say, mayhem ensues. And since my blog attracts a lot of shit-searching web-surfers, I’ve decided to dedicate one final picture to them. I promise, this will be my last shit-themed entry for a long time. There is only so much shit a human being can take.

And if you are hoping for me to provide you with a link to the aforementioned video, you just got disappointed.


This could be your daughter (12/2007)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

9 thoughts on “The Final Word on Poop…”

  1. I love a blog that has such a high focus on shit. I can’t think of anyone who else who focuses on all the different facets.

  2. I have to agree, I am entertained by your blogs about poop. People seem to be atracted to the subject! And, as always, your pictures are fantabulous. Even the tampon. Who else would think of such a thing?

  3. I have to admit, I have derived much pleasure in watching my friends get freaked out by, however I have always let them know what I was showing them before they watched it. Curiosity always wins out and they end up watching and getting grossed out. But then I found the BME pain olympics, and let me tell you, never ever look that up unless you are a really jaded sicko like me. It made 2girls1cup look like disney shit, no pun intended.

    I loved your 2girls1cup picture though. I showed it to my brother and sister in law and they also enjoyed it. Very accurate.

  4. HOLY CRAP (pun intended)…I’m trying to gather myself after all that laughing….hahaha…

    Like dude, that picture is INSANE in a funny kind of way!! I watched 6 seconds of that video and then I had to shut it off ’cause it made me sick…if your picture is any summary though, the chick on the right is REALLY pleased with herself for having shit in the magic goblet? And the chick on the left is the one who took a big swig of shit? And much to her surprise, it tasted like…CRAP, hence the projectile vomiting?? Hmmm…

    PS: your tagline for the picture = hilarious :-)

  5. Romi: Ah, you may be disappointed in what I am going to tell you next. You may wonder why I know the details, but the internet really gets me sometimes. So she actually makes herself puke. They both do. The clip actually ends with one girl sitting on the ground looking up, and the other girl is standing above her throwing up on her face. Delicious. Imagine someone puking on your face? I was going to draw that, but my skills ain’t that sweet yet (the two girls puking, not someone puking on you).

    Cheetah: Ah, so it was you who started my quest. Thank you… though the video is absolutely fucking disgusting, it made me laugh a whole bunch of times.

    Saima: That title is probably the most creative thing I’ve ever written in my life.

    Jenn: Of course. Girls shit and puke on each other while make out…

  6. puking on someone usually means you will be with them forever or hate them for the rest of your life. I was told this in 5th grade. I was thrown up on during a school pageant one of the boys got sick. Um, I hated him for the rest of my life. For some maybe love ensues?

    Also, you should Salsa Snack the next post on internet porn.

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