Pardon me while I teach your kid…

Today I start a very important journey. You see, being a fresh college graduate, there a lot more opportunities to make the same shitty salary I already am. So what better way to earn such a horrific amount of coin than by shaping the young minds of America? Yes, you heard me right. I am going to be a teacher in the public education system. High school English students will feel my wrath over and over.

Imagine me, so full of wondrous imagination and violent profanity, education the youth of today. I often read stories about high school kids fucking their teachers (the teachers are almost 90% female, oddly… where were these bitches when I was in school?). Not only will I not have to worry about high school girls coming on to me for a better grade, thanks to the gift’s of my being, I’ll never have to worry about the cops showing up at my door. This ride is going to be all about the education, not the fornication. Get your kids ready…


Author: bronsonfive

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9 thoughts on “Pardon me while I teach your kid…”

  1. Damn those kids and their paper airplanes!

    PS: I love that you wear half-sleeve dress-shirts and a tie, it reminds me of Al Bundy from Married with Children!
    Is that weird or random??? LOL, maybe it’s also because of the scowl on your face ;-)

    PPS: I would let you teach me ANY day! Hahaha… :-)

  2. Lethal: I’ll get to readin’…

    Romi: I am so glad you figured out what that was. I drew it, and even I have a hard time with it.

    Short-sleeve dress shirts are the way to go. See Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

    And I have many things to teach…

  3. That picture is cool as shit. Do you just do your work in Paint, or what? I want to try it out.

    Punch some kids in the face for me.

  4. Thanks dude… I do not work in paint. That is actually Illustrator.

    And I sent you a thing but just realized the size is ALL fucked up. If you want to use it, let me know and I can send you a proper one.

  5. Yeah, I like that a lot actually. And I realize it’s a little big myself. If you want to fix it, go for it. Until then, I’ll keep the bigger one in there.

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