The Year of the Cinematic Mustache…

I just got around to posting my list for the best films of 2007 and I noticed something rather peculiar. Well, I guess it’s not that peculiar, but the two best movies of 2007 each had a main character sporting a sweet mustache. The very best film, the Coen Brothers’ masterpiece No Country for Old Men, starred Josh Brolin. You may remember him as the Mikey’s older brother from The Goonies, you know, the exercise kid who wore shorts over his sweatpants (that wasn’t even cool in the 80s when that movie was shot).

Anyway, he is a lot older now than he was then (obviously). In No Country…, set in 1980, he plays a guy living in a trailer park in Texas who stumbles upon a satchel full of sweet green money. Unfortunately for him, finding that money sets off a string of horrific events he’ll never be able to shake. And since it’s set in Texas, and in 1980, Brolin carries a mighty heavy mustache.

The next best film is PT Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Daniel Plainview, an oil-obsessed wealthy man moving into a small religious village to drill in the early 1900s. He too sports sharp mustache. If he doesn’t kill you with his pistol, the ‘stache will slice you quicker than a blade.


There Will Be Old Men (1/2008)

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7 thoughts on “The Year of the Cinematic Mustache…”

  1. i am saving this list to my flash drive so i can read it at home… when i have time. i’m sure there’s bound to be some good stuff there (otherwise they wouldn’t be THE BEST, right?!)

    interesting about the mustaches. although i kinda though Alex Trebek met survivor on the left.. that’s probably because i have a migraine and i am having auras… i’ll check this again later!

  2. of the movies on your list, i watched Knocked Up (which i cried though basically the entire movie, it’s my fucking life, minus the happy ending) and Zodiac (ok, but not what i was expecting when i went into the theater). i’ll have to check out the others, i think i might enjoy them… i mean after all – if YOU like them, what’s not to love, eh?

  3. Oh my gosh I saw that “No Country For Old Men” movie…remember the man with the long mushroom cut? He was SOOOO scary; I’m gonna start doing random “coin tosses” with people to scare the shit out of them…

    and holy crap, how did you get that man to look EXACTLY like Josh Brolin??!?!? I think it was the beady eyes that really captured his essence; you’re so subtle in your art, I love it! :-)

  4. Lethal: I often like things people hate… especially when it comes to cinema. But let me know what you think.

    Cheetah: I can’t imagine, if I had a vagina anyway, dating a person with a mustache. I usually relate a mustache to a pedophile. You never see a pedophile on the news without one.

    Romi: Yeah, Javier Bardem is the scariest motherfucker to hit the screen in years. Even after your dead, he still goes and kills your wife. What a fucking badass.

  5. Don’t you know that Esquire Magazine has declared that 2008 is “The Year of the Mustache”. These films are helping make the ‘stache come back.

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