How about you cut that hair off your neck?

There are a lot of areas females maintain when it comes to hair. Most of them shave their legs, armpits, and nowadays (thankfully), their pubic regions. Guys on the other hand, for the most part, shave their faces only. I think the pubic area on all people should be maintained (I would even go far enough to say that I think pubic hair should be illegal) but not all guys are on that bandwagon. How do I know this? Well, it’s not because I’ve seen a lot of cocks or anything. I just know this based on conversations I’ve had with males and females alike.

But that’s really not what this blog is about. I really don’t care if other guys shave their junk because I don’t have to look at it or put it in any of my openings. What I do have to look at on a daily basis, however, is neck hair. Holy shit, why do some guys think it’s alright not to maintain their neck hair? Your hair on your head is NOT supposed to connect with the hair on your back dude, no matter what your mother told you.

I was at Dunkin Donuts this morning when I saw this:


The Monkey on my Back (1/2008)

I just wanted to pull a razor out of my pocket and shave that dead rat off, then sprinkle the bits onto his donut. Take care of that, dude.

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13 thoughts on “How about you cut that hair off your neck?”

  1. Neck hair, back hair…bleeeckk! (I just regurgitated a mighty fine glass of red wine, damn it). Seriously, wtf?, are they trying to grow it long enough to braid? I’m all for abolishment of body hair.

  2. Most females “thankfully” shave their pubic regions? THANKFULLY? Says who?

    Anybody who prefers their women to look as much like 9-year-old boys as possible, I guess.

    You kids and your little fads.

  3. “Your hair on your head is NOT supposed to connect with the hair on your back dude, no matter what your mother told you.”

    that should be a quote all guys carry with them throughout their lives…hahaha….and the fact that the picture you drew caused me to vomit in my own mouth means that your talent is frighteningly good ;-)

    PS: I hate the longer pieces he has at the side…ughhhh…

  4. 2dogs: Sorry to make you regurgitate. I agree wholeheartedly with your last statement.

    Steve: I am so glad you have come to read my words… It’s an honor and I hope this little neck hair complaint inspires you to come back from time to time, especially during that NYC cold.

    Romi: Those longer pieces… he had those. They were shooting all over the place. And you know what’s weird? Every time I see these crazy neck-haired bastards, they are always wearing tank tops or sleeveless shirts or sandals. I know you’re trying to find your soul-mate, so here is some advice (since we aren’t going to work out): stay away from anyone who wears tank tops, sandals, or sleeveless shirts. You’ll be bound to finding back hair on your pillow from here to eternity.

  5. ewwwwwwww. there’s this one guy that has the curliest back and neck hair you’ve ever seen. BUT, as you mentioned, he’s always wearing a wife beater, WHYYYYYYY!!? Now not only is it curling out over his shoulders and up his neck, it’s patchy – like he got stuck on fly paper and only some of the hair was removed at odd pressure points. it’s so bizarre and even more distasteful. i think they want to be petted, that’s why they show it. After all, who doesn’t love a furry animal? Furry men on the other hand… .:cringe:.

  6. Lethal: They should wear sleeves and sleeves only.

    Green: Weird…

    Cheetah: Thanks.

    Pessy: I understand your pain. If you shave your face weekly, the neck is a few inches away.

  7. Actually who is to say that the hair on your head isn’t supposed to connect to back hair you stupid high and mighty bitch?

      1. Actually certain individuals cant do a think about how their hair grows. Howww about all you bitches and faggots who have a problem with natural body hair shut the fuck up. Stuck in your hollywood image that you have created in your head. the “perfect specimen”….All you stuck up bitches can have the dudes based on thier looks, and when your knocked up and divorced in ten years, you gonna wish u chose somebody based on how they are rather than how they look.Period. I shave the back of my neck, and ya know what, i fucking hate when it grows back, i dont like hair, but i dont like prickly hair either so im at the point now where im jsut going to say fuck it, im letting it grow. ALLL OVEERR MYYY BODDYYYY HEAD TO TOE!

  8. wow you guys seem like a bunch of ignorant assholes to me, did any of you even consider what those people’s personalities were before you jumped the gun and decided to not even consider them just because they had hair on their back?
    you sick fucks, i hope all of you just curl up and die somewhere alone because none of you can find anyone who could bear to listen to your constant whining and bitching about something that doesn’t even affect the world or the universe. who gives a damn?
    shit, i wasted my time

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