This is what all that Cloverfield fuss is all about…

I went to a press screening of the ever mysterious Cloverfield tonight and finally figured out what all the racket was about. It follows a group of 4 annoying Manhattanites as they try and survive some sort of traumatic event taking over the city.

But I am tired of kids on the internet talking about “What is Cloverfield?” I never cared what it was either. The first trailer, which barely showed a thing, intrigued me. The next trailer, which felt a bit like 28 Days Later and Earthquake or something, took every ounce of excitement out of my body. I no longer cared.

Then, everywhere I turned in the binary world, I kept seeing that word – Cloverfield. My next mission was to attend a press screening and see a few days before the masses. Now, I’ll admit, it isn’t a terrible movie. It’s far from actually. Cloverfield would have been a really good movie had the screenwriter created characters you become emotionally involved with. This is a harrowing experience they just never seem to fully realize.

Back to my mission though. So I wanted to see this movie just so I could spoil something for people. You want to know what Cloverfield is? Or wait, I actually don’t know what Cloverfield is (and I’ve seen the fucking movie). But I can tell you it is indeed a monster movie. And here is what she looks like, in another amazing City Picture (of Doom):


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8 thoughts on “This is what all that Cloverfield fuss is all about…”

  1. I can’t read it yet. It seems like your disappointed from what my eyes can gather, and that kind of sucks. I’m going to see it opening night since it’s either going to be the greatest movie of all time or a gigantic bust.

  2. Trex: It wasn’t the monster or the destruction that was disappointing. It was the FUCKING annoying white yuppy kids we’re following. And the reason why they stay in the city will make you want to slit your throat.

  3. So it’s like “godzilla” meets “Jurassic Park Lost:World” meets “eating buildings for lunch”??? Wow…I think I’m gonna have to see this, but I hate when a story line is good and the characters are shite; it kind of takes the piss out of it…

  4. Okay, so I saw this flick over the weekend, and it was a fun little romp, but you said it so well in the sense of: I did not give a fuck about those self-involved fucktard 20-somethings in the movie!!!…like that first half hour or 20 minutes which was like the whole “set up” of the characters, I thought I was gonna stab myself in the eye!!! I was like “woah, this movie seems like a pile of crap” but luckily things got rolling after that, and I liked how it ended…they shoulda made the characters either like random strangers, or co-workers of various ages from McDonald’s who hate each other or something…(and who randomly have a video camera…LOL..though I’m not even sure how I felt about the whole “video camera” thing…but anyhoo..a fun time)

  5. Romi: You really liked how it ended?


    The whole fucking “I love you…” and “I love you too…” shit made me want to slit my wrists and spray my blood ALL over the people in the theater around me. I think I even punched myself in the face when I heard that. The dude didn’t leave New York City so he could save this cunt… did we really need his love spelled out for us? Fuck. It hurt my soul. In my world, they died too late. And how did that camera tape survive a fucking blast like that? Ah well.

  6. Haha…no no, you misunderstood:


    -I love how it ended in the sense that those two insuffereable love-bird bitches got blown into smithereens at the end…like often times in movies like this the protaganist survives, and it really would have pissed me off if he survived, so I was pleased with the outcome…sorry if I was unclear ;-)

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