11 thoughts on “The day of hearts and smiles…”

  1. haha… i also had those dreams at a young age. now we all come to the conclusion that the holiday sucks and is just a way for materialistic people to express themselves. ugh. boo to commercialism and misunderstanding of holiday meanings. valentine’s day is actually a mockery of someone… i don’t have the links or videos now, but i do remember the history channel (love) had a pretty neat video about it a year or so ago! keep on drawin, i love this stuff

  2. I think its good for people. Who cares if its materialistic, its just a day to shower my girlfriend in presents, be showered in presents in return, and most definitely get some lovin’ later on. Its win/win.

  3. Oh ya I forgot. If you don’t have someone to be your valentine. Just go get really drunk and maybe you will meet someone and get some lovin’ anyway.

  4. Kerplar: I guess it is good for people who have no idea how to be romantic all year long.

    Kris: The drawings never stop here at the big show.

    Abarclay: I like that team but I am not really sure I’m on it.

    Joebecca: I am glad you had a good one. Still, we should punch this day in the face.

  5. I guess thats true bronsonfive, but I at least make sure to do nice things all year round and then on Valentines I try to go over the top.

  6. I still walk around with that dumb-dumb look on my face whilst carrying a rose that I bought for myself but labeled “from your secret admirer”…

    A.K.A. it was a GREAT Valentine’s Day ’08 ;-)

  7. Hey,

    I seen your work on Mat’s blog as part of the collab.art project. First, good job I really like your style. I felt I needed to just drop you a line and to tell you to keep doing your thing..


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