Highest Quality Fidel-ity

Big news of the day: Fidel Castro steps down from power. Interesting, as I have had this theory that he’s been dead for a while, but his brother is scared to release that information. With this, however, he’ll probably die soon enough anyway. And soon, it’ll be cool for all the trendy kids to wear shirts with Fidel’s head on it. They won’t look as good as my sweet picture though.

And who can forget this? No one takes a dive quite like Fidel.


Can I get a side of Castro with that? (2/2008)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

9 thoughts on “Highest Quality Fidel-ity”

  1. the gray beard-like scribble and gaping black hole on the side of his head are both a good touch, Michael. The likeness is unbelievable.

    and that HAT… jeez

    I’ll tell ya, I’m sold.

  2. I hope dumbasses don’t start wearing shirts with his face on them. Its bad enough seeing Che Guevara on everything. The funny thing is, that all the money for those shirts goes against what he believed in. The sad thing is that these fools are idolizing a murderer.

  3. Pugs: Fidel would have been so much better if only he had a lasso at his side.

    Saimfeld: My drawings are so realistic that sometimes, people mistake them for real photographs.

    Lucky: I think they do it for Fidel too.

    Kerplar: People are dumb. They’ll wear those shirts. It’s an ongoing cycle of retardedness. Like the kid who wore Rugby shirts and never knew about the sport.

  4. Lucky: I know, right?

    Steve: I would too. Maybe Abercrombie will buy the design from me and I can be rich…

    Joebecca: It is scraggly but he is a scraggly man. Should shirts be printed, I’ll get a pink one for you.

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