An attempt towards abstraction…

Inspired by the words/imagery of a fellow blogger’s post (click), I’ve decided to hang up the kindergarten style today for something more meaningful and abstract. I hope you enjoy…


My Mind At All Times (3/2008)

I agree. I’ll go back to the juvenile pictures tomorrow…

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

14 thoughts on “An attempt towards abstraction…”

  1. Whoa…do you have a freakish pink monster dwelling in your head at all times? least it’s pink. Heh.

    Like I’ve said before, you’re ‘juvenile’ style is amazing. Now you’ve inspired me to try something a little less abstract. People will laugh, but I must, at the very least, make an attempt.

  2. 2lazy: It was originally black but it didn’t look good with the rest of the colors, so I changed it to pink. Now I wish I changed it to something else…

    Saimfeld: Pink was the second option I tried, and you know me, I don’t like dwelling on color choices… I like to rush. Can’t keep the people waiting.

    Lucky: Yeah, I am multi-coloral.

    Steve: Sadly, no. Life is my trip.

    Pugs: Yeah, perhaps you’re right. It’s Picasso age 7.

  3. Is that you??? Your mind is like Joseph and the “Techni-Colour-Dream-Coat”, minus being incredibly gay. It seems to me that from all these varied colours, your mind is wrought with a conflict of emotions, dominated by a demon that hangs off your shoulder, but as for the nature of the demon, well only you know that…

    Serious stuff, and no not kindergarten, in my opinion.

    Good job B5,I enjoyed the branch-out :-)

  4. Lucky: That would rule actually. Maybe I should think about submitting it?

    Romi: Holy crap, seriously. That is so fucking spot on. How do you do that? You psychic, you. Again, your interpretation astounds me. I almost want to draw more weird shit just to see what you say about it. I am glad you are one of my readers.

    Kerplar: Drawings are indeed better with monsters. I drew another one today.

  5. Are you kidding me? It’s ME who’s glad to be a writer/observer of your art…as long as you keep dishing out, I’ll be checkin’ it ;-)

  6. (sorry “reader” not “writer” of you art…as that wouldn’t make much sense….forgive me, I will stop smokin’ dope in the middle of the day ;-) )

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