The Helicopter of Doom…

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with drawing things blowing up other things. I would always draw these huge elaborate war sequences with tanks, trucks, lasers, guns, fire, and above all things, fucking helicopters. I loved helicopters. Something about their crazy blades and their tiny bodies that mesmerized me. I especially loved when, in films, they spun out of control after someone or something shot their blades. How awesome is that? And it always appeared that helicopters, upon blowing up anyway, had the best explosions. They always blew up properly.

When I was about 6 or 7 years-old, I would always run to my room after school and start drawing. Back then, all I had to express my creativeness was some construction paper and crayons. Those were the tools of my trade. At some point, and I don’t remember when exactly, I drew nothing other than helicopters shooting lasers at some various monster destroying a city. Basically, I was drawing Cloverfield decades before it stunk up our theaters. And my camera work was way more steady.

Sometime later, the drawings stopped. I guess I became interested in other things (thanks to the Nintendo Entertainment System). My construction paper became lonely, as I was downstairs playing The Legend of Zelda instead of drawing monsters and helicopters. The construction paper died a lonely death while the crayons collected dust and were eventually sold off in a garage sale hosted by my mom.

I hope those crayons had a good life after me. I let them down, just like I have let down so many others in my life throughout the years. This picture is dedicated to them. May they have lived a much better life than the shitty one I provided them with.


Helicopter of Doom (3/2008; based on works from 1987)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

8 thoughts on “The Helicopter of Doom…”

  1. The monster’s mid-section reminds me of a teenage mutant ninja turtle. In fact, I think he could be a crazed ninja turtle if anyone ever wanted to make THAT movie. The helicopter is amazing, in my opinion, as well. For instance, the blades are so life-like; they are moving so fast you can’t even see that they are blades and the man operating it isn’t even wearing a helmit! Only a crazed grin. Bad ass.

  2. Sweet another monster. I drew the same things as a child. Only during class, and it was like a game. I would draw my army on one side of the paper, and the person sitting next to me would draw their army. Then we would scribble over each others armies to show that they had died.

  3. Okay, now you’ve got me thinking about the progression I’ve taken from crayons, to colored pencils, to acrylics, to oils…to computer generated art. Bleh. I’m feeling guilty and I guess I should pull out the oils and start painting again. I sometimes feel like my computer artwork is a rip-off. It’s easy, it’s clean…but it doesn’t give me the same feeling as when I paint.

    I bet your crayons had a most enjoyable and amusing life – and am sure they understand that everyone must, at some point, move on!

  4. What a great pic of the National Guard fending off Don King. (Well, that’s how I choose to interpret it, anyway.) And I love the detail “based on works from 1987” so much that I’m not even dismayed to recognize that I was already a sophomore in college by then.

  5. Saimfeld: I actually got that idea from the Ninja Turtles, so you have yourself a good eye there. Thanks for the notice of the sweet helicopter blades. They spin so fast, the world spins faster.

    Kerplar: Man, you had team paper/crayon wars? Awesome.

    2lazy: I never made it to paint. It was crayons, then nothing for a decade, then to computers. I hope the crayons don’t have revenge for me.

    Steve: You hit the interpretation dead on. The world has a tough time keeping Don King at bay but I try to draw the fight to motivate. And age is nothing but a number. At least you have your hair.

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