11 thoughts on “The Dinosaur and the Butterfly”

  1. This picture is BEAUTIFUL and cute! I could see it up in a child’s room!

    I love how the dinosaur is smiling and extending his hand in friendship, because even though the butterfly may not have a hand to extend back, it doesn’t even matter, ’cause they will be friends ’till the end (in my opinion). And that’s the beauty of this pic: i.e. you can find friendship in the unlikliest of places, and even though no one would ever expect a dinosaur and a butterfly to be friends, anything is possible, and you should never judge a book by its cover.

    What a wonderful message that shines through a wonderful picture.

    Splendid! :-)

  2. Interesting take romi41, I had a different view though. To me the dinosaur clearly has down syndrome or some other mental handicap and therefore is always in a state of happiness. What he is actually doing is trying to grab the butterfly to crush it. The butterfly does not know this and soon will meet its end.

    Pretty sweet looking background though.

  3. LOL at Kerplar!!! So many different interpretations! That’s why art is so cool :-)

    PS: I really hope there isn’t a part II to this picture where the butterfly gets crushed by a mentally retarded dinosaur :-(

  4. Bridget: Your comments make me smile.

    Kerplar: I award you the best comment of the month. My dinosaur should be in the new version of Life Goes On.

    Romi: I laughed too. And your take on it once again blows my mind. You see so much in so little. And I am glad that is the way you see it. But don’t worry… there won’t be a butterfly-killing part 2. I rarely sequelize a picture. Maybe I should start?

    Joebecca: I thought I did e-mail you… I am up for the challenge. Let’s rock it. E-mail me what you’d like to see and I will send you some samplage. Also, I think you need to send me your header size, naw mean? Let’s do it.

    Pugs: Bacon fat… ugh. You made me shutter. I hate bacon.

  5. You hate bacon? Only a heartless bastard could hate bacon. Bacon makes the world go round. I can only hope that, when I die, someone will have invented bacon jerky chew (like that beef jerky stuff in that comes in a can) and I will go down with a giant fistful in my mouth.

    p.s. I’m pretty sure our friendship is over.

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