Pictures of Doom – 2.0


Where Everybody Knows Your Name (3/2008)

I’ve tried and tried and tried to draw a new header for months but could never settle on one. But today I was determined to draw one if it killed me. So I did. Mostly inspired by yesterday’s entry about my literary masterpiece, Rabbit and Future, this new header exemplifies friendship and hope.

Wait, what did I just say?

I really wanted to include a picture of the old header, for archival purposes, but I guess I forgot to save it. I automatically assumed it was in the upload folder, like ALL my other drawings, but I guess header images are saved in the unknown. So now it’s lost, forever. Which saddens me to no end. If anyone can help me find my missing header, it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Thanks to my man Todd, his mastery of internet caches brought back to life my old header. So here it is, for one last enjoyment:


You also can’t see the “About the Author/Illustrator” tap on the top unless your mouse is over that area, so there is that to deal with. But no one ever reads about me anyway, so whatever.

What do you think of the new 2.0?

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

10 thoughts on “Pictures of Doom – 2.0”

  1. Pugs: Yeah, when I first changed it, you couldn’t see it at ALL. So I drew that extra squiggle so you can see it a little bit.

    2 Lazy: I hear what you’re saying, and partially agree with you, but I think a change was needed. My hits aren’t as high as they used to be… so maybe it was getting stale? Regardless, I like the Rabbit and Future look. Reminds me of younger times.

    And your header rivals mine.

    Kerplar: Thanks!

  2. it’s lovely darlin! and i think my header is about the same size. i have no fucking idea. i’ve never measured it!! LOL

  3. Lucky: I love the word “whimsical”, especially when aimed in my direction.

    Andrea: I love when you aim “sensual” my way. And where you been? It feels like you’ve been absent from these parts…

    Joe: I can measure your header (that’s what she said!) but what kind of theme were looking for? Or do you want me to surprise you?

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