Birthdays Are Stupid…

27 years ago today, yours truly went on a bogus journey that would forever change his life. It was the beginning of my life actually – the day I would come spiraling out of my mom’s vagina and into this perfect world. I can’t help but think about the journey though.

All beings come blasting out of a shaft with about a million of their brothers and sisters. So every single person on this Earth made it. So I made it. I was so strong back then. If I had to do that same thing today, I doubt I’d make it to the light. Why are we so strong when ejaculated, but become so weak in life? It’s one of life’s finest mysteries. So, to my millions of brothers and sisters who didn’t make it as far as I, I salute you. Because, though you died against the walls of the uterus, today is your birthday too.


My journey to you began right here (4/2008)

Author: bronsonfive

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8 thoughts on “Birthdays Are Stupid…”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY B-5!!!!!!!! :-)

    How’s age 27? I’ll be rigging that up next week, and I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it….and by the way, your tribute to your fallen brethern was filled with so much heart and dignity, I bet they’re all swimming in that big uterus in the sky as we speak, looking down on you with a smile :-)


    I’m so glad you were the strongest swimmer in the bunch. Life would’nt be nearly as interesting (and brilliantly drawn) without you!

    MWAH!! :D

  3. Happy Day ‘o Your Birth!!

    I dig how you think…such a sage mind. You already know how I feel about your illustrations.

    I’m guessing that this drawing depicts those that didn’t make it as it appears they are swimming through a heavy menstrual flow. How thoughtful of you to use my last sexual encounter as the basis for your illustration. Gah!

  4. Romi: Age 27 is much like 26 before it. Birthdays really aren’t as much as they were in your youth. Remember when you got toys at birthday parties? Now all you get are broken memories and hangovers.

    Evidentress: These words are probably the most profound things about you-know-what ever written. Maybe even the only words published.

    Steve S: “You are truly the soul of romance.” – is the best compliment I have ever received in the history of my life. Thanks for such great words. And thanks for returning to the Weekly and giving me a reason to pick it up again.

    Joebecca: Yeah, my swimming skills nowadays suck. I actually don’t like swimming all that much. Too much competition out there.

    2lazy: Those bad boys are swimming through the tunnels of life, with me at the lead. The angry one would have been born a person you would have hated.

    Justyour…: Awesome.

    Kerplar: I really don’t think that is too hard dude. I really am not all that intelligent.

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