“Springtime for Tony Danza.”

Sometimes people ask me how certain pictures come about. Usually, I just sit down and think, “Shit, I should probably draw a picture. What’s on my mind right now?” Other times, they stem from incidents or conversations. This is how today’s picture came about. I was having a rather mindless chat with Bitchslap’s own William Goss yesterday when the conversation created an awesome visual that was too good to hide from the world. Here is a snippet of the convo so you can see how we got there. It started out as a discussion about the Zellner Bros. (watch their films and you’ll know what we’re talking about) before heading into what I think may very well be the best motion picture idea in the history of man. If this gets made, we better get some royalties.

Because it’s not like we think Nazis and Old Germany are hilarious. They aren’t. It was an awful time in history. But thinking about Tony Danza as almost is hilarious as last night’s episode of South Park (which was fucking hilarious).

Mike: Did I ever show you the picture I drew for them for Pardon my Downfall (Zellner Bros., 2006)?
William: Don’t think so.
Mike: Let me see if I can find it.
Mike: Here – http://www.filmthreat.com/blog/?p=422. 6th one down.
William: Never saw Pardon My Downfall. I’m guessing that would help?
Mike: Oh yeah. Do you have 5 minutes? You can watch it online on their website.
William: That Hitler flick should’ve been called Pardon My Downfall. Sounds like an ’80s sitcom.
Mike: Haha.
William: With Tony Danza as Hitler.
Mike: That would be the best movie ever.
William: “Mein Mona!”
Mike:“Samantha, un scheisse!”
William: Ha. Draw a picture of Tony Danza as Hitler.
Mike: Man. That would rule.
William: I guess it could still be called “Who’s the Boss?”
Mike: I’d have to translate it to German, for comedic effect.
William: “Who’s the Boss, Juden?”
Mike: He should have been one of the nihilists in Big Lebowski.
William: Hell, it’d be funnier than fuckin’ Meet the Spartans.
Mike: Right.
William: Alright, I’m gonna run. You have fun with Fuhrer Danza.
Mike: Rock.

Are you going to hate me for this? (4/2008)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

7 thoughts on ““Springtime for Tony Danza.””

  1. That looks exactly like the conversations I have with people on AIM. I don’t think that’s a good thing. haha.

    Also, I don’t know if you got my email, but I got my B5 shirt in the mail. It is friggin awesome. Thanks again.

  2. Kerplar: Google “Who’s The Boss” and your questions shall be answered.

    Steve: AIM conversations are indeed the best, though it appears this blog didn’t get as many laughs as I thought it would.

    To All: It appears this entry is my least successful entry ever. I will do my best to make up for it with today’s entry.

  3. Really? I thought it was quite amusing, it just took me a little bit to get here….I like that you gave Danza a mullet, and he has good bangs :-)

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