8 thoughts on ““Can’t sit here…””

  1. Oh my gosh this is one of my favourite-est (and most heart-wrenching) pictures ever! The cross-legged Rectangle looks sooo elitist, and of course the fat-bitch Circle is eating a sub or a burrito or whatever…and gosh, the Triangle’s droopy top point says it all :-( ….

  2. Screw triangles, its the arch that is neglected. Im not sure if you cna classify it as a shape, but not since the Romans has it been used much.

  3. Pugs: Without those rules, I might have had better luck in algebra classes. I can never remember which triangle is which.

    And maybe I’ll open a cafe press store. What does everyone think about that? Would anyone buy my shit?

    Romi: Rectangles are assholes and circles are fat bastards. And again, I shouldn’t be surprised that you see all the little nuances of the piece.

    Yes, I just called my masterwork a ‘piece’, like real artists do.

    Kerplar: The arch may now be extinct, so it’s too late for them.

  4. I would most likely purchase something if you opened a cafe press store. Like say if you made a shirt, but it would really depend on the price, and what designs you chose to put on said shirt.

  5. Bridge: Pube-do I think is the correct nomenclature for pubic hairstyles.

    Kerplar: My prices would be super cheap and the designs would have to be awesome. I think I may embark on this adventure, once I figure out what the fuck DPI is.

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