“Hey You Guys!”

1985 brought us some good theatrical times. I mean, I was only 4 years-old at the time, but I was already in love with the moving pictures. A year or two later, my dad brought home a rental copy of Richard Donner’s now infamous classic, The Goonies. It told the story of a bunch of suburban youths searching for a pirate named One Eyed Willy and his treasure. But that really wasn’t where the film succeeded. The best element was a beastly character named Sloth. He had a crazy shaped head, ears that flapped like angel wings, with eyes in odd positions. Sloth was played by John Matuszak, a former defensive end for the Oakland Raiders. Sadly, Matuszak died 4 years later due to heart failure or something. How sad. Here’s to you, Sloth.

Sloth Love Chunk (4/2008)

Author: bronsonfive

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10 thoughts on ““Hey You Guys!””

  1. 2 Lazy: Thank you… I wish Sloth was here to see it.

    Saimfeld: Me too, that is some coincidence, huh?

    Pure: I’ve never seen his football game on. I’ll try and youtube it.

  2. “Echoooo! Whoaaa!”

    I totally just bought the Goonies on DVD yesterday. I think it was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre without my parents.

    Also: I want to find a copy of it that includes the Spanish mistranslations-on-purpose by Mouth, AND the convenience store scene, AND the octopus scene.

    Do you think it exists?

  3. I have the DVD you speak of and it does indeed include the spanish misinterpretations by Mouth. Maybe your subtitles aren’t on? It doesn’t include the octopus scene though, which is weird, since they always include it on the Disney channel when they show it.

    The commentary on the DVD rules. The whole cast returns.

  4. What a solid tribute to the man with angel-wing ears :-) …damn I love that movie…though I didn’t like that chick with the short hair and big earrings who is totally annoying (no not the hotter one that gets action, the other one…)

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