Search Term of the Week: Click to Find Out

I awoke this morning and prepared for the day in the exact fashion a lot of other people do. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and got dressed; as I have done for years and years on weekday morning. At some point during my day, whether it be at work or at home, I check the stats of my blog (which no one appears to be reading anymore so tell your friends). With that stat checking comes a list of search terms people have used to find me. What I saw today absolutely blew my mind. I literally had to pick bits of my brain off the floor after reading this one single search term. It was so good (disturbing) that I can’t even make up a story to go along with it. It speaks for itself.

I guess I’ve left you wondering for long enough. Here it is, what could be the best search term in the history of search terms…

  • I woke up to find mother sucking my cock

Wait, you did what? Some poor bastard woke up with their mother giving them some sweet oral pleasure before school? I’m not sure if this person was dreaming or not but one thing is for sure – it’s probably about time you move out and got your own place.

Happy Ending from Mother (6/2008)

I wish I knew what type of results the internet has provided him. And better yet, why is he searching results on the internet when he should be speaking to his local child services or police department. I would probably kill myself if I ever woke up with this same dilemma but that’s me. I’m not exactly sure how that search brought him here but I hope some Picture of Doom brought him the answer he was looking for. What say you?

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

10 thoughts on “Search Term of the Week: Click to Find Out”

  1. My blog was once reached with the simple search term “Boobs.” And I was really proud of that. Until now.

    Now I’m going to have to search your blog extensively to find out why someone searching for, well…THAT kind of information was brought here.

  2. Some perv has been watching too many pornos. Maybe I have seen too many as well as I know that this is a seen from Taboo. The first in the series of incest based porn.

  3. Lucky: Neither did I.

    Saimfeld: Good word.

    Jason: Thanks dude. I hope to keep the roll rolling.

    Hierophant: Whoops, my bad. Sorry dude. But I never mentioned your name!

    2 Lazy: I doubt I’ll ever post a better search term. It feels like the end of an era.

    BeJewell: Yes! I welcome the new readership since, according to the stats anyway, no one reads my blog anymore. I’ll check yours out too.

    Evyl: Thank you for being a reader of mine. I now have to see out this film you speak of.

  4. I am most disturbed by the fact that he got her flowers in your picture…that means she’s very skilled in the opinion of the son…sooo disturbing…

  5. Lmao. The same thing happened with my blog. I didn’t understand how
    “do white chicks like indian guys” or “fuck me indian” was relative to my blog…lol, i actually got embarressed and tried to eliminate anywhere in my blog that had such words, but nasty searchs kept showing up as to how people found my blog, so i just assumed it was the person who went through 49449494944 pages of google to end up on my blog…lol, i can just see some poor kid googling that trying to see if it is a common occurance so he doesnt have to kill himself. I dont know if I should laugh or cry…

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