Hang on just one second…

Hey people. It’s been over a week since I last blogged. “But why?” you ask? Simple. I moved. But before I moved, some asshole broke into my office and stole my computer, full of every picture I ever drew. Fucking bastards.

So I’ll be back shortly, with a detailed story and picture of the incident, real soon. So calm down. And don’t forget about me… because I didn’t forget about you.

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

10 thoughts on “Hang on just one second…”

  1. oh, my superbabe! well at least you have my blog to show off your awesome amazing artistic talents !!

    oh, yeah, i guess you have all your pics from your blog too..well, whatever.

  2. Hiero: Never got them back. They were the original illustrator files – not the JPGS seen on the site. With those files, I could have adjusted the size to put them on shirts, coffee mugs, etc. I was planning to do all that. Now it’s too late.

    Joebecca: Yeah, but it’s the originals that would have helped me better. But oh well, the past is over. Time to move forward.

    Kerplar: Awesome. I expect them back on my desk within the week.

  3. Okay I’ll calm down, and no I haven’t forgotten about you. Maybe you can gather clues about the assailants from any witnesses, and then do a composite sketch to help catch those bastards. Good luck.

  4. Big J: The full report is indeed on its way, as well as a slew of other things. I’ll keep you posted.

    Evyl: The perp will probably get away, scott free, as they usually do.

    Romi: I’ll post some clues. All we really got was a brick through a window and some broken glass shards.

    Abarclay: Yeah, it is a bummer. In fact, perhaps “total bummer” will be the name of the entry. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Bridget: Yeah, it’s coming. As soon as I get a mouse, because drawing without a mouse sucks it.

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