This isn’t the report of theftery…

Sorry guys. I’m in New Jersey right now, so I’ve been pretty absent of the illustration. I didn’t even draw one for fireworks. How lame am I? Regardless, I did find a second to draw this picture for you… but take note. This picture was illustrated without a mouse. I drew it with the weird touchpad thing on my laptop. So it was pretty hard. I hope you enjoy.

Where have you been? (7/2008)

I promise. I will post my quota of 10 pictures this month. I will get my 36 daily readers back. Yes, that was indeed sarcasm.

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

6 thoughts on “This isn’t the report of theftery…”

  1. Ahh…well done. Now you see what I have to go through when drawing on my laptop – and why I don’t do it very often. Not so easy.

    Is that a trident in the background?

  2. That is so impressive and nice to look at as general art, so I’m doubly impressed in knowing that it was done with a touchpad.

    PS: OH how I love your sarcasm ;-)

  3. Operational aesthetics.

    The degree to which technology influences artistic creation.

    This could be your non-mouse period. It’s not bad. Keep at it. More hard edges, less swirls.

  4. I actually really like that picture…and the colors speak to me as well. Use your touchpad more often.

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