Estelle Getty – the last Golden Girl

I hate Dementia/Alzheimer’s. If science could shrink me down and insert me into a tiny space craft, then into the human body (like in that movie Inner Space), I’d fucking shoot any remnants of that shit dead. Shoot it right in the fucking face.

In 2000, a year after my hero Charles Bronson decided to do the same, Estelle Getty decided to retire from the public eye due to her bout with said diseases. I’ve received a few text messages in the past two days from people saying, “Dude, Estelle Getty needs a proper tribute.” I agree. Not only was she a key character in The Golden Girls, she was also in the Stallone-fueled action mega hit Stop or My Mom Will Shoot!. Am I the only person who thinks that movie is alright? I watch it every time it’s on USA or AMC (because those two networks are shitty enough to show it).

So here is to you, Mrs. Getty, in your honor. May your 84 years here be the best ever spent. I raise my glass to you. I hope you bump into George Carlin and you two bring on the motherfuckin’ ruckus.

Stars with Getty (7/2008)

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8 thoughts on “Estelle Getty – the last Golden Girl”

  1. I think im the saddest – i love the golden girls – i pretended that each episode was shot the week before. even though i’d seen each one 10 times – i love it. my guilty pleasure – everynight from 11pm-12am.

  2. She was awesome and that’s so cool you gave her a proper tribute! The Golden Girls is one of my weaknesses. i watch at least one episode on Lifetime before work. I’m SUCH a girl!

  3. Picture it, Sicily, 1912… I know the episodes are only reruns, but I don’t know how I can bare to watch the Golden Girls anymore, every morning on Lifetime from 9-10am, then again in the afternoon from 4-5pm. Not that I do that. Because I don’t. I have a life you know.

  4. I loved how she would always reign in those slutty Golden Girls (especially that hoochie Blanche)….RIP Estelle, we miss you.

  5. Jason: She was indeed a great friend.

    Evyl: Yeah, she was the best part. A sarcastic old short lady… And I am glad it is you and I to represent Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

    Jmaura: It seems that Lifetime had that show on a lot. Too bad they have all that other shitty programming going on between it.

    Joebecca: I wouldn’t say you’re guilty for watching it. It is indeed some quality programming. What other senior-aged show is mostly about banging guys all around Miami?

    Tara: What would you do if Uncle Jesse died? Or Nicky and Alex? Wait, they should be dead.

    Romi: I guess the real question is, which Golden Girl wouldn’t you bang?

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