7 thoughts on “The Winged Creature”

  1. Kerplar: That thing definitely supports black power.

    2lazy: Your sister sounds… hot?

    Evyl: Wow, that wins best description so far. Hilarious!

    Hiero: Fuck, I love Slimer!

  2. This reminds me of the driving instructor I had when I was 16; she was a big tall and thick burly woman; she was in her 40’s and of Russian descent, with cropped, bleach blonde hair (she should’ve been a figure skating coach).

    I remember how she would scream at me when it was only like my second time on the road:

    “Hug the curb! HUG THE STUPID CURB!”…then she would make me take a detour to her house so she could finish her laundry…

    …yup, that picture is her.

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