The First Annual Pictures of Doom Contest of Doom!

I thought about this last night… nearly every computer (PC anyway, for you Mac-challened) comes with the immortal Microsoft program called Paint. It’s a glorious program that gave me my start in the binary artistry world. And any real computer owner (I’m now talking to you smart Mac people) probably have Illustrator, a glorious art program that is way better than Paint in many areas (and not so great in others). Why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to draw me a picture. That’s right. Draw me a picture.

“But what should I draw?”

I don’t care… draw anything that comes to mind. Draw your favorite crayon or animal. Draw a picture of your step-dad beating your mom. Anything. Celebrities too! Come on, I dare you.

“Why do you want me to draw a picture dude?”

I want you to draw me a picture because I am hosting the first ever Pictures of Doom Contest of Doom.

“What can I win?”

Absolutely fucking nothing. That’s right… you aren’t going to win a damn thing except a potential picture slot in an upcoming entry. I’m not sure how many entries I am going to get, but I am going to post what I think are the top 3 winning pictures. The best of the worst.

“That sounds… okay I guess. What do I do to enter?”

Simple… Open up Paint or Illustrator and set the size to 300X200 (in pixels). Then, after you figured out how to do that, let your imagine soar like food coming out of Mary Kate Olsen’s mouth after a full breakfast because she doesn’t know how to keep her food down. Next, save the picture in the best possible JPEG format ever. Repeat – JPEG only. I can’t post anything else. Make sure it doesn’t look all digitally busted. If your work shines, I want people to see it in the best possible light.

Finally, send the masterpiece to me via e-mail to citypicturesofdoom @ (obviously the spaces should be eliminated in the e-mail) no later than August 10th (that’s next Sunday) by midnight. The winning 3 pictures (full credit of course) will go up in an entry on August 11th (that’s next Monday) for the world to see. Sure, I only get about 32 readers a week. But they are the best 32 people in the world.

“What happens if I send you a picture and it isn’t one of the glorious 3?”

The best thing you can do is take your glorious work of art and showcase it in your own blog, so the world can see it anyway. I would love to showcase each and every entry but there just isn’t the space available. I apologize in advance to those of you who send them in and don’t get chosen. It’s going to be a tough week.

Most importantly, thank you for entering. I am super excited to see what some of you create with your minds and mice. Who’s going to enter? This should be a fun challenged to some experienced bloggers out there. Joebecca? Romi? Evyl? Abarclay? NA Hole? Hierophant (or is it Slam Dizzle now?)? 2Lazy? Pugs? Come on, you know you want to. And don’t fret because this isn’t just open to bloggers… it’s open for anyone and everyone (even your wife-beating step-dad!)

Hurry up and do it. I’ll be expecting pictures in my e-mail as the week progresses. Oh, and tell your friends! Link this all around the blogiverse. I’d appreciate that too. Good luck, and God speed.

The Contest of Doom (8/2008)

Author: bronsonfive

Film, movies, whatever.

10 thoughts on “The First Annual Pictures of Doom Contest of Doom!”

  1. I like your new banner a lot dude. Evil Slimer rocks. And since you put a link out to me like that, I feel it only right I create some artwork. It shall be shitty, but it shall be grand.

  2. Woo hoo! I am sooooo gonna come up with something spectacular to submit. Now, I must go and get my drink on and start creating. By the way, thanks for the linky-love! And love the new header.

  3. It’s a Canadian holiday today so I already started working on my picture whilst lounging in bed; prognosis: I suck at MS Paint, but I will certainly send over a hideous jpeg ;-)

  4. My picture is done and sent. In hindsight it was laughable, but that only highlights your tremendous skills ;-) (no I’m not sucking up to sway the judging….)

  5. Hiero: Thanks… the banner was made quickly and quietly.

    Evyl: Hurry up. It’ll be glorious.

    2LazyDogs: I can’t wait. Your drawings are awesome.

    Romi: Haha! Your picture is awesome! I can’t wait to share it with the world.

    Kerplar: You can draw up to 547. Seriously.

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  7. holy shit dude, sorry I’m missing the boat on this one, but I promise I will make you a super awesome bomb diggity picture that will kick all the other pictures asses and reign supreme.

    Sorry, too much Iron Chef America. Anyways, i’ll get you something as soon as I can.

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